As an existing National Counties Building Society customer, registering for the Online Service will allow you to:

  • have a central view of your existing accounts with the Society
  • view your accounts at a time that suits you
  • send and receive secure messages regarding your account
  • apply for new accounts.

You should register for this service if:

  • you hold your own savings/mortgage account with the Society (this facility is not available for brokers or financial advisers);
  • you have never registered for the Online Service before;
  • you had previously closed all of your accounts and have returned as a new customer.

What do I need to do?

Whether simply registering to view your existing accounts or applying for a new account, just complete the registration form and set up your login details.

We will check our records are up to date with your details before you are able to view any account information online. You will be able to apply for a new account immediately.

Please note, once you have registered we will send you a single use verification code in the post. This is a security measure and is the final stage in the re-registration process. Until you have received and entered your verification code you will not be able to see details of your existing account(s) or make a withdrawal. If you need to make a withdrawal before your verification code arrives in the post, call 03300 243406 and we will be happy to help.

Register for National Counties
Building Society Online Service


The legal bit:

As this is an online service, there are some specific terms and conditions associated with it. View our Online Service Terms and Conditions here.