The list below details the charges which can be incurred during the life of your mortgage with National Counties.

The standard initial charges associated with a Society mortgage, including product fees and/or Early Repayment Charges, are detailed on the notes accompanying the application form and the mortgage product summary sheet. Charges shown include VAT where applicable.

 General Charges Amount
 Change of parties administration fee (exclusive of legal cost) £125
 Certificate of title / proof of ownership £30
 Change of term fee £100
 Consent for installation of solar panels (exclusive of legal costs and valuation) £125
 Consent to let a mortgaged property fee £100
 Duplicate statement fee (original supplied at no charge) £20
 Further advance processing (inclusive of revaluation) £125
 Further advance legal work (exclusive of disbursements e.g. search fees) £100
 List of account transactions £20
 Giving you a reference £60
 Option sale agreement approval (exclusive of legal costs) £125 
 Partial release of property / title alterations fee (exclusive of legal costs) £125
 Product fee (where applicable) various
 Change of repayment method / product transfer of mortgage fee (exclusive of legal costs) £75
 Reinspection / revaluation of mortgaged property fee £80
 Second charge registration fee £30
 Certificate of interest paid fee (per tax year) £15
 Funds transfer fee  £30
 Lifetime mortgage facility renewal fee £99
 Additional Redemption Statement in the same month (initial statement free) £20
 Deeds / Redemption related charges Amount
 Request for legal documentation fee from £24
 Deeds production / Release fee £30
 Letter of no further interest £60
 Mortgage Exit Fee £100
 Arrears related administration charges Amount
 Administration charge for checking and signing Witness Statement £35
 Broken arrangement fee £20
 Non Standard arrears letter fee £20
 Payment of leasehold arrears £60
 Preparation of Pre-action Protocol Checklist / Witness Statement £60
 Unpaid / returned direct debit or cheque, or other unpaid receipt £25 
 Warrant for possession £50
 Taking property into possession £125
 Agents instruction fee for attendance at possession from £295
 Arrears counselling services from £90
Arrears related legal charges  Amount
 Attendance at court hearing from £100
 Adjournment of hearing £25
 Witness statement and instruction of agents to attend court hearing £200
 Application for possession warrant £50
 Conveyancing fee for sale from £250
 Issue of summons for possession £165
 Non standard letter £25
 Notice to occupiers, tenants and local authority £60
 Pre-action letter £25
 Re-instatement of hearing £35
 Re-issue of warrant £40
 Reply to application to suspend warrant £100
 Reply to defence / special Witness Statement from £100
 Supplemental Witness Statement £75
 Distribution of surplus sale proceeds from £100
 Arrears related disbursements Amount
 Court fee for interim application from £50
 Court fee for summons for possession £325 - £355
 Court fee for warrant for possession £121
 Miscellaneous court fees from £50
 Miscellaneous sales expenses (e.g. agents fees, clearance fee) unlimited
 Miscellaneous search fees up to £50
 Miscellaneous agents fees (e.g. to attend hearing) unlimited


Should an instance arise, not provided for above, where a charge is levied, you will be advised in advance. If there are any changes to the above, you will be notified upon issue of your annual mortgage statement.

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