What happens to savings accounts once we've received the death certificate?

Once we’ve received the death certificate, we’ll write to the Personal Representative(s) or next of kin, and let them know what account(s) are held with us, how much is in each and if any interest is owed. If any other information is needed or the legal representative asks for more information, we’ll provide that too. We’ll also confirm what documents are needed to close the account(s), including what identification we'll need to verify the Personal Representative(s) or next of kin.

If the account balance, including accrued interest, has under £5,000 we can close it upon receipt of an acceptable Statutory Declaration (for the duration of coronavirus the limit has been raised and account balance can be up to £15,000). If this applies, we’ll get in touch to ensure we have the information we need.

  • Sole accounts – we'll release account information to the Personal Representative(s) or next of kin, which can be used to apply for the Grant of Representation if required. We’ll confirm what documents we require to close the account, and once received the account(s) will be closed and monies released. No penalties or loss of interest for early closure will be incurred.
  • Joint accounts – if a savings account is held jointly, it will automatically pass to the other account holder(s) and the terms and conditions of the account will remain the same.
  • ISA accounts – ISA accounts will remain open until we receive documentation to close the account. If you’re the spouse or civil partner of the person who has died, you may be able to inherit an additional ISA allowance. You’ll need to apply for an Additional Permitted Subscription (APS) allowance which will entitle you to a one-off additional allowance to cover the value of your partner's savings as well as your own. Please speak to us for further information.


If you need funds to part-pay or fully pay for funeral expenses or Inheritance Tax, money can be released from the deceased’s account(s) before the Grant of Representation is obtained. Funeral expenses will be paid directly by us to the Funeral Director. For Inheritance Tax payments we will issue a cheque to the Personal Representative for payment to HMRC.

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