Frequently asked questions – General

I have forgotten my username, and I can’t find the original email I was sent. How can I find out what it is?

If you cannot find this email, please contact our dedicated Online Banking Support team on 03300 243406 and they will send you an email confirming your username.

I have locked myself out of my account, how can this be unlocked?

If you have locked yourself out, please contact our dedicated Online Banking Support team on 03300 243406 who will be able to unlock your account for you.

How can I magnify the online service web pages?

You can magnify the size of online web page / text by altering the ‘Zoom’ setting on your internet browser. How you do this depends on which browser you are using.

In the latest version of Internet Explorer, click on the ‘gear’ symbol at the top right of any web page. In Google Chrome, click on the three dots symbol at the top right of any web page.

In both cases, scroll down this menu and click on ‘Zoom’. This is normally set to 100%, but can be increased to make the web page / text larger.

Frequently asked questions - Savings

Why can’t I see my accounts even though I’ve registered for the Online Service?

You must enter the verification code sent to you by post to view your existing accounts with the Society.

Why doesn't my money show in my account straight away if I transfer money via Faster Payment?

Money sent to us via Faster Payment may take until the end of the next working day to show on your account online. If you're concerned a payment hasn't gone through after this period, please call us and we'll be happy to check.

How can I change my address online?

You will need to send us a secure message within the Online Service. Once we have received your message we will update your address details.

How do I fund my account with funds from an existing account online?

You will need to go on to the account you wish to take the money out from and click on ‘take money out’. Follow this through like a normal withdrawal then select ‘one of my savings account’ and select the account you wish to fund.

Why does my account say it’s inactive when I try to pay money in?

This may be because the electronic identity check we did for you wasn’t successful. This can happen for a number of reasons and is nothing to worry about. We’ll send you a letter shortly if we need any extra identification documents from you. If you need any help in the meantime, please contact us on 03300 243406.

I want to withdraw money from my account, but I want to the funds to go to a different account registered with you and not to the one set up on the system. How can I do this?

You can either send us a secure message stating how much you would like to withdraw and which account you would like the funds to go to, or contact us on 03330 243411.

I want to change my nominated bank account, how do I do this?

If the account has not already been registered with us, we will need to see evidence that the account is in your name. You can either give us an online bank statement, printed or send via secure email as a PDF, a paying in slip, or a cancelled cheque. Once we have received this, we will change your nominated account.

What can I do within the Online Service as a Power of Attorney?

As a Power of Attorney you can operate your accounts online. The Online Service allows you to pay into these accounts and make withdrawals, as long as the funds are going to the beneficiary's nominated bank account.

I don't live in the UK, can I still register for the Online Service?

If you have a foreign address you can still register for the Online Service. You will need to click and enter your address manually, and complete the address lines 1, 2 and 3, as appropriate. You don't need to put anything in the postcode field as this will only look for UK addresses.

How can I close my account online?

You will need to send us a secure message to let us know you would like the account to be closed. Once this is received, depending on the special conditions of your account, we will send you a reply and the account will be closed that day. I have National Counties Building Society accounts but wish to open a Family Building Society account.

How do I do this online?

To open a Family Building Society savings account, you will need to log in using your login details on the Family Building Society website. Once you have done this you can select to open an account through your online access, and this will give you a list of of accounts currently available with the Family Building Society.

Frequently asked questions - Mortgages

Can I make an overpayment / capital repayment on my mortgage online?

No, unfortunately you cannot do this online. However, if you’d like to make an overpayment or capital repayment you can send the funds to us using our bank details and stating your mortgage account number as a reference. You can then send us a secure message within the Online Service telling us how you would like the money applied to your mortgage.