These accounts were available for the reinvestment of maturities from specific National Counties savings bonds and ISAs.

Please note: The reinvestment account(s) relevant to your maturing savings bond or ISA will be specified in your maturity letter.

All our savings accounts are FSCS protected.   FSCS Protected

 Reinvestment accounts for savings bonds Balance Gross Gross AER^
 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Issue Bond Saver    
 Annual interest  £1,000+3.50%3.50%
 (Rate effective from 31 August 2023)   
 Matured Capital Bond   
 Annual interest £50,0003.50%3.50% 
 (Rates effective from 31 August 2023) £1+3.40%3.40%
 Matured Savings Bond   
 Annual interest £50,0003.50%3.50%
 (Rates effective from 31 August 2023) £1+3.40%3.40%


 Reinvestment accounts for ISAs Balance Tax-Free# AER^
 Second Issue Cash ISA   
 Annual interest £1+3.50%3.50%
 (Rates effective from 31 August 2023)   


Your maturing bond or ISA may have been automatically reinvested into a Family Building Society product, or you may have chosen to reinvest your savings bond or ISA into an alternative product offered by the Family Building Society. For a full list of Family Building Society interest rates for reinvestment accounts please click here.

^ AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the annual rate would be if interest was compounded.

# Interest is paid tax-free as it is currently exempt from income tax. The future tax treatment of Individual Savings Accounts may vary.