These accounts were available for the reinvestment of maturities from specific National Counties savings bonds and ISAs.

Please note: The reinvestment account(s) relevant to your maturing savings bond or ISA will be specified in your maturity letter.

 Reinvestment accounts for savings bonds Balance Gross Gross AER^
 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Issue Bond Saver    
 Annual interest  £1,000+ 0.51% 0.51%
 (Rate effective from 25 June 2020)   
 64th Issue Savings Bond   
 Annual interest  £10,000+ 2.81% 2.81%
 (Rates effective from 1 September 2015) £1,000+ 2.61% 2.61%
 Monthly interest £10,000+ 2.77% 2.81%
 (Rates effective from 1 September 2015)   £1,000+ 2.58% 2.61%
 Matured Capital Bond   
 Annual interest £500+ 0.51% 0.51% 
 (Rates effective from 25 June 2020) £1+ 0.31% 0.31%
 Matured Savings Bond   
 Annual interest £50,000 0.51% 0.51%
 (Rates effective from 25 June 2020) £1+ 0.31% 0.31%


 Reinvestment accounts for ISAs Balance Tax-Free# AER^
 18th Issue Fixed Rate Cash ISA   
 Annual Interest £1,000+ 2.51% 
 (Rate effective from 1 October 2015)   
 21st Issue Fixed Rate Cash ISA   
 Annual interest £1,000+ 2.51% 
 (Rate effective from 1 December 2015)   
 Second Issue Cash ISA   
 Annual interest £1+ 0.51% 
 (Rate effective from 25 June 2020)   


Your maturing bond or ISA may have been automatically reinvested into a Family Building Society product, or you may have chosen to reinvest your savings bond or ISA into an alternative product offered by the Family Building Society. For a full list of Family Building Society interest rates for reinvestment accounts please click here.

^ AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the annual rate would be if interest was compounded.

# Interest is paid tax-free as it is currently exempt from income tax. The future tax treatment of Individual Savings Accounts may vary.