Internet browser information

By clicking on the browser 'Help' button, which is usually displayed in the bar at the top of your computer screen, you will be able to find out more about your browser.

Please note for our online banking service, you will need to be using a recent version of the particular internet browser you have installed on your computer:

+ Internet Explorer 9 or above - to download the most recent version please visit
+ Google Chrome - a recent version - to download the most recent version please visit
+ Firefox - a recent version - to download the most recent version please visit


If your browser supports java/active scripting and cookies, which are standard with most popular browsers, then you shouldn't experience any technical problems with accessing our Online service. To enable us to provide you with security information through our Online service you must have your browser set to accept cookies from

You may wish to read our: Cookie and Privacy Policy

Anti-virus software

It is very important for you to protect your computer to prevent any unauthorised access to information that you may have stored. The best and most common means of protection is to use suitable anti-virus software and a firewall. In many cases your computer browser will have this facility already available for you to use.


In many areas of our website, to access the required information it is necessary for a new window to be opened - this is also known as a 'pop-up'. In some circumstances the computer you are using will have a pop-up blocker which may prevent this new window from opening. You can usually select an option within your browser to allow you to view pop-ups from selected sites. To receive the full potential of our website and the services that we have to offer, you should set your browser and allow your firewall to accept pop-ups from

Further information

For more information about our Online Service, please call us on: 03300 243406. Alternatively, you can login or register for our Online Service here.