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Selecting any of the links below will open an Adobe pdf file of that form which you can print, complete and return to our Savings Accounts Department, Ebbisham House, 30 Church Street, Epsom, Surrey KT17 4NL.

General conditions for our savings accounts
Information about the general conditions for our savings accounts

Cash ISA Transfer-In form 
To transfer a Cash ISA to National Counties you should complete the transfer form and send it to us along with a completed Cash ISA application form. We will then notify your present ISA provider to enable them to effect the transfer, in accordance with their terms and conditions, which may take up to 15 business days in addition to any notice period that may be required and they may make a charge for the transfer. We appreciate the government's decision to relax the ISA transfer rules in July 2014; however, we regret that National Counties Building Society will NOT accept transfers from Stocks and Shares ISA accounts.

Cash ISA Renewal Form
If you wish to deposit into an existing NCBS Cash ISA, and if you have not deposited in the current / previous tax year, then complete this form and return it to us. Please ensure that the existing ISA you wish to pay into is still accepting funds.

Withdrawal Form
If you need to make a withdrawal from your savings account please complete and return this form (if this is a passbook account, you should enclose your passbook with the withdrawal form). 

Change of Address 
Don't forget to keep us informed if you move home.

Direct Debit Mandate Form
Monthly Saver Account Only. If you are changing the bank or building society account from which you pay your subscription you can give us new bank details using this form. Please note that we will need 10 working days following receipt for new instructions and 5 working days to change the subscription amount or collection date.

Standing Order Form 
If you would like a regular amount paid from a bank or building society account into your account with us, complete this form and pass it to your bank/building society. Please note that the account the funds will be coming from must be in the same name as the account with us.

Third Party Mandate Form 
If you want a friend or relative to operate your account on your behalf you will need to complete this form. Please note that this Mandate is only valid for one year. We will also require identification from the Third Party.

Power of Attorney Form 
If you need to register an Enduring, Lasting or a General Power of Attorney (POA) you, as the Attorney, will need to complete this form and return it with an Original or Certified copy of the POA documents (copies must be certified on every page by a solicitor, or by the donor if not registered at the Court of Protection) along with identification for each Attorney.

Deputy Details Form
If you need to register a Court of Protection Order as a Deputy you will need to complete this form and return it with an Original copy of the Court of Protection Order along with identification for each Deputy.

Lost or Stolen Passbook Form
If you have lost or had your passbook stolen please complete, sign and return this form. Please note that there is a charge for the second and all subsequent times the passbook is lost.

Supplementary Application Form
This form should be completed by or on behalf of a beneficiary if the savings account is to be operated by a trustee or trustees on behalf of a beneficiary.

Controlling Persons Tax Residency Self-Certification Form
For business accounts only. A Controlling Person is a person who exercises control over an organisation. This would include a trustee or beneficiary with an interest of 25% or more in the trust. For a company this would include a shareholder with an interest in the company of 25% or more and any other person exercising ultimate control over the company. Each Controlling Person must complete a Tax Residency Self-Certification Form.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader this can be obtained by following the link: Adobe Acrobat Reader