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The 1st Issue Business Saver key features are:

  • Save from £1,000 up to £500,000*
  • Variable rate account offering a tiered rate of interest which increases with the amount saved
  • Add to your savings** by transfer from your organisation’s bank account, by cheque or by cash (up to £2,000 per day at our Epsom branch)
  • Withdrawals available after 35 days’ notice without access charge and can be made by transfer to your organisations bank account, by cheque or by cash
  • Interest paid annually on 30 June and added to the account, paid to another account with us or to the organisations bank account

*subject to the organisation's total holding with us not exceeding £500,000

** You can add to your savings by transfer from your bank account, by cheque or by cash at our Epsom branch. To send additional savings directly from your bank account the banking details you’ll need can be found on the back of your Savings Account Certificate.

Operating your account

The 1st Issue Business Saver Account can be operated by post or by visiting our Epsom branch.

Interest rates

For further information please contact our
Savings Account Service Team on 03330 140144.

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