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Our Lump Sum Lifetime Mortgage is only available to existing Lifetime Mortgage borrowers who are seeking additional borrowing. Please note that since April 2014 it is compulsory that advice is sought for additional borrowing.

Lifetime Mortgage

Product description The overall cost for comparison is

4.99% fixed rate for lifetime of mortgage 5.2% APR

Lifetime Mortgage - further information

Downloadable form details Additional borrowing
Product summary
Full interest rate details and a summary of the product details

Lump Sum Lifetime Mortgage Additional Borrowing product summary
Product guide
Full details of how this Lifetime Mortgage product will work for the
duration of the mortgage

Guide to Lump Sum Lifetime Mortgage Additional Borrowing
Equity release checklist
This provides you with the key points which should be considered when applying for a Lifetime Mortgage. Once a Lifetime Mortgage Offer has been issued we will send you a copy of the checklist, asking you to sign and confirm that all the points listed have been considered.
Equity Release Checklist


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