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Following the 2008 financial crisis, the UK government put reforms into place for banks to separate corporate and private customers. This is known as ‘ring-fencing’. This means our sort code and account numbers are changing because, as a financial institution, our clearing bank needs to move the National Counties Building Society to their corporate division.

As a result, we have been issued with a new account number and sort code. Our new account details are ready to use, so if you are planning on setting up a new payment to us or are a new customer, please use the new account details below:

Our new bank account details are:
New sort code: 40-02-50
New account number: 21397400

Important information for savers
If you wish to make payments into your National Counties Building Society savings account(s) via standing order, Faster Payments and/or transfer money online from your bank account into your National Counties Building Society account, you will need to change the existing National Counties Building Society account number and sort code. While we will be able to accept payments using the existing account well into 2018, they will need to be changed by 1 January 2019. That’s why we recommend you amend the payment details you use to send payments to us at you earliest convenience.

When using Faster Payments, you may notice that some banking providers may have redirected your Faster Payment to the National Counties Building Society new account details automatically. You may also see, when using internet banking that the National Counties Building Society account number has changed to the new details, which are sort code, 40-02-50 and account number 21397400. This is entirely normal and you do not need to make any further amendments to your payment instructions.

Important information for mortgage customers
Mortgage customers with an existing direct debit do not need to take any action – your payment will be redirected to us automatically. However, if you would like to make overpayments on your mortgage separately, please use the new account details above.

We will be phasing in the new sort code (40-02-50) and account number (21397400) across all our printed and online materials during 2018. For the time being, you may come across the existing account details.

For more information about ‘ring-fencing’ please visit our FAQ page here.

If you have not used internet banking before but would like to set up a new payment to one or more of your National Counties Building Society account(s) via internet banking, please use the new account details above.