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Cash Junior ISA

Interest rates (variable)

Rates effective from 1 October 2013

Balance                 Gross tax-free^ AER*
£3,000+                  2.00%
£1,000+                  1.50%
£1+                         1.25%


The Cash Junior ISA gives children their own tax-free savings account, which family and friends (or anyone else) can pay into but from which no withdrawals can be made until the child reaches 18.

To help you keep track of the savings a statement is issued every October. Money paid into the Cash Junior ISA is a gift to the child and cannot be returned to the person making the payment.

Key features
Start your child's savings with as little as £1 and add more whenever you like.
+ Savings up to the annual statutory limit of £3,840 for the current tax year. 
+ Tax-free interest which increases as the balances rises.
+ Interest added to the account annually on 1 October. 
+ Available to children under 18 years old who were not eligible for a Child Trust Fund.  
+ No withdrawals can be made and the account cannot be closed until the child (account holder) reaches 18 years old.
+ Account can be opened by transfer of an existing Junior ISA.
+ Transfer to another Junior ISA account allowed after 45 days' notice.

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How to apply
You can apply for a Cash Junior ISA in the following ways:
+ By post - download a product application pack
+ By phone 01372 747771

Operation of the account
The Cash Junior ISA can be operated by telephone, by visiting our branch, or by post.

Cash Junior ISA transfers
To transfer an existing Cash Junior ISA, please download the application form and transfer form. Once these forms are completed please return them both to us and we will notify your present ISA provider.

More information on the process of transferring your ISA can be found in the Building Societies Association consumer guide: Transferring Your Cash ISA.

Interest rates
To see all of our current Cash ISA rates please click here: Cash ISA rates.

*AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the annual rate would be if interest was compounded. ^Interest is described as being tax-free as it is currently exempt from income tax. The future tax treatment of Individual Savings Accounts may vary.