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Registration for new users to our Online Service

If you are using the Online Service for the first time you will be required to register using one of three routes:

Existing customers: you already have a National Counties savings or mortgage account and would like to view and operate your accounts via the Online Service and/or apply for a new savings or mortgage account. You will be sent activation instructions and your 'user id' in the post two to four days after registering.

New customers applying for a savings account: you do not already have an account with National Counties and would like to apply for a new savings account (you will also be able to view and operate this account via the Online Service). Once the savings application form is submitted to us and the account has been opened, you will be sent activation instructions and your 'user id' in the post two to four days later.

To proceed, click on the relevant link above and follow the on screen instructions.

Existing users

Your ‘user id’ is unique to you and is contained in the activation letter or email for mortgage applicants, sent shortly after you registered. If you need a reminder of your 'user id' then please contact our Mortgage Account Service Team. You can do this by using our 'enquiry form'. We will send you an email response, containing your 'user id', usually by the end of the next working day.

After receiving your activation letter / email

Every time you log-in to this service you will be asked to input your 'user id', chosen password in full and two characters from memorable data. The password and memorable data chosen by you are all case sensitive, for example 'PASSWORD' is different to 'password'. Please note the system will not recognise characters that you cut/copy and paste from another document.

The very first time you log-in for this service you will need to input the activation code provided in the letter/email. The activation code must be input exactly as it appears in your letter / email.

Some frequently asked questions

Why is my new account not showing online?

If your account with us is not showing online, let us know by sending a secure message with your new account number. We will register your account online within 24 hours or contact you if we need any more information.

I gave my nominated account details when I opened the account. Why can I not see them?

We can only approve bank details if we have seen evidence to confirm the sort code and account number is held in your name. If this was not included in your initial application, please send us one of the following:
  • A cheque crossed ‘cancelled’
  • A paying in slip
  • A recent original bank statement
  • A printed online bank statement

Alternatively, you can upload your online statement using our ‘Document Upload’ feature found by selecting ‘Savings’ on our homepage.

When will I receive my funds after making a withdrawal?

All withdrawals requests need to be made before 3:00pm to ensure they are processed the same day. Any requests after this time will be processed the next working day. Funds are guaranteed to be in your nominated bank account by the close of business the day after your request was processed.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us either by secure message, email or telephone. Alternatively, you can login or register for the Online Service here.