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Issued: 1 August 2016

From 6 April this year, the Government introduced changes to allow ISAs to become more flexible, giving you more flexibility in the management of your savings. From today our 45 Day Notice Cash ISAs now include flexibility.

Flexibility means that you will be able to withdraw and replace the money you have saved, without the replaced money affecting your annual allowance. You will, however, need to replace the money in the same tax year. Previously, any money withdrawn from your ISA would lose its tax-free status and you wouldn't be able to replace this money if you had already paid in the maximum annual allowance.

Withdrawals and the replacement of withdrawals are available for current and previous years' subscriptions. You are able to replace any withdrawals made from 1 August.

Transfers of flexible accounts from other ISA providers will be accepted into the 45 Day Notice Cash ISA. Click here for full details of our 4th Issue 45 Day Notice Cash ISA. 

Our 2nd Issue Cash ISA and Market Tracker Cash ISA now also accept transfers in of flexible ISAs however those funds will lose their flexibility once transferred in as these products are not Flexible ISAs.       

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